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During the coronavirus outbreak we are cannot see patient’s face to face, and therefore are unable to provide a sexual health service at present.

We are looking to change this as soon as possible, so please follow us on FACEBOOK, where we will keep everyone up to date.

If you would like a remote appointment for any other issue, then please CLICK HERE to book a telephone or video consultation. (Price £60)

Sexual Health at The Montague Clinic

The Montague Clinic provides a fast, secure, and discrete Sexual Health Clinic to help you with any sexual health concerns.  Our doctors treat all STIs in accordance with the latest national guidelines. All patients are welcome and patient information is not shared with anyone, including your NHS GP. We also give you full control over how results are communicated to you.

Sexual Health Consultation

All our sexual health tests must be accompanied by an initial sexual health consultation. Once the assessment is complete, we can then advise you on the most appropriate tests. Same day results are available if required. If any tests are found to be positive, then the cost of issuing prescriptions and any treatment advice is included in the price.

Sexual Health Screens

Many STIs do not cause symptoms but can lead to complications if left untreated. Our sexual health screens have been designed for patients who have had recent unprotected sex or would simply like a check-up. We ensure that our patients are expertly guided to select the most appropriate set of tests. The four options below are our most popular packages, but we always use our expertise to offer patients a bespoke option when relevant.

Early Detection Tests

If you believe that you have been exposed to an STI then we offer two packages of highly specialised tests that can detect an infection early. For both packages we do recommend a follow-up standard HIV test FOUR weeks later.

Tests If You Have Symptoms

We also provide expert advice for any symptoms you may have developed. The prices below are examples of tests we do for specific symptoms. If any tests come back positive, then any follow-up treatment including writing prescriptions and referrals is included in the price.