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Referrals for X-rays, Ultrasound & MRI

We work closely with many imaging centres. Some are located very close to the clinic, while all others are located in central London within a 10 minute tube ride. All centres provide top-quality imaging and reporting.

There can be a significant difference in cost between centres, so we offer a choice for you to choose the right balance between convenience and price.

Our Imaging Partners


MRI, Ultrasound & X-Ray


MRI, Ultrasound & X-Ray


MRI, Ultrasound & X-Ray

What Type of Scan Do I Need?

MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING (MRI) – from £280 (for 1 part)

MRI scanning offers a method of imaging multiple areas of the body, without exposing the patient to any radiation. MRI has become a core part of the assessment of joint injuries and of the brain. Scanning typically takes around 30 minutes and is non-invasive. Rarely, patients require an intravenous injection of a medical dye that produces a clearer image. More complex 3D MRI scanning is increasingly being used to assess for conditions such as coronary heart disease.

Our doctors can advise which form of scan would be most appropriate to investigate your symptoms and refer you to your preferred imaging centre.

ULTRASOUND – from £125 (for 1 part)

Ultrasound is a non-invasive method of imaging that is predominantly used to investigate disorders of the abdomen and pelvic. It is frequently used to assess organs such as the liver, kidney, gallbladder and spleen. Ultrasound is also extensively used to assess the ovaries and uterus in women and testicles in men.

Ultrasound has the advantage of showing parts of the body in motion, rather than just a static image. This allows doctors to assess whether a part of your body is functioning properly, as well as looking healthy.

X-RAYS – from £100 (for 1 view)

One of the oldest forms of medical imaging, x-rays still play a key role in the assessment of many medical problems. X-rays offer an quick and accurate means of looking at the chest and lungs when a patient has a persistent cough or difficulty breathing. They are also very useful in the assessment of fractures and degenerative bone conditions such as arthritis.



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