New Travel Restriction for Thailand

As the world continues to normalise following the COVID-19 pandemic, some countries have re-implemented limited travel restrictions. Passengers travelling to Thailand, once again require pre-travel Covid-19 tests, and may also require a ‘Proof of Recovery from Covid for Thailand’ document from an authorised medical clinic. A proof of recovery letter will be required if you have tested positive for Covid-19 in the past 6 months. This follows the cessation of China’s ‘Zero-Covid’ policy in recent months, which has seen countries around the world reinstate limited measures.

This has resulted in a some inconvenience for many travellers. However, so far the new regulations have been significantly less stringent than during previous waves of the pandemic. A Proof of Covid Recovery for Thailand, can be obtained from our clinic, is applied for if you have a positive Covid-19 PCR or Rapid Antigen test within the past 6 months.

Pre-Travel test or a Proof of Covid Recovery for Thailand

Thailand continues to welcome travellers to come and visit the country, as long as they are able to comply with the necessary safety measures. Hotels and resorts are open for business and are taking the required precautions to ensure the safety of their guests.

All in all, with proper planning and a willingness to comply with the necessary safety measures, it is still very much possible to visit the country and experience its many wonders. If a letter showing Proof of Covid Recovery for Thailand is required, this can be ordered from The Montague Clinic via this webpage – PLEASE CLICK HERE.

How to Keep Up To Date

It is important for travellers to stay informed about the situation and check for the latest updates and restrictions before planning a trip to Thailand. The Thai Embassy has provided information on their website. General information on foreign travel can be found on the UK’s foreign office website. Additionally, it is also recommend to have travel insurance in case of a change in travel plans due to the pandemic.

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