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Fit To Fly RT-PCR Test

Fit To Fly RT-PCR Test.


Fit to Fly PCR Test

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  • Test yourself from the comfort of your own home (London only)

  • SAME DAY RESULTS GUARANTEED (sample must be delivered to lab by 12pm)

  • RT-PCR test by UKAS accredited lab (ISO 15189)

  • Accepted for travel to ALL countries (including Hong Kong & Jersey)

  • Same Day Result

One person per booking. Please review our T&Cs.

When will I get my result?2021-05-04T07:28:52+01:00

DX Sample Drop:

If you drop off your sample to a DX Sample drop location within opening hours Monday to Friday, you can expect your result by midnight the following day. See HERE for opening times of your closest drop off point

If samples are dropped off after closing time on Friday or over the weekend, you can expect your result to arrive by midnight on the following Tuesday. 

London Express Service:

You can expect your result by midnight the same day of your test.

Can I change the day I do my test?2021-05-04T07:42:13+01:00

If you are returning your completed sample using the UK wide DX Sample Drop service, then you can change the day you do your test. Please be aware that the next day result service is only available if you drop your completed sample off between Monday and Friday. 

Can I have a refund if I no longer require the test?2021-05-04T07:30:04+01:00

We understand that during the pandemic, travel plans can change. We are happy to offer you a refund if your test kits are unopened and received by us. There is a one-off administration fee of £30 for this (regardless of number of kits purchased). Refunds are made once we receive back your unused test kits. Please email us at if you require a refund with your order reference number.

What information will be included on my travel certificate?2021-05-04T07:35:06+01:00

You travel certificate will include the following information:

  • Your personal details (name, date of birth)
  • Your passport or national ID number (only if you upload this when you register your kit online)
  • The date and time of your Covid-19 test
  • The laboratory details
  • Confirmation that you had a RT-PCR Covid Test
  • Confirmation that your test was analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory
When should I book my test?2021-05-04T07:35:49+01:00

You must check the most up to date guidance regarding the country you are travelling to and book your test within the appropriate timeframe for your destination. The Montague Clinic will not accept any liability or associated costs if you book your test outside the timeframe for your destination.

How do I book a Covid-19 test for more than one person?2021-05-04T07:36:29+01:00

Please change the quantity to the number of tests you require. Please note that a maximum of 12 testing kits can be purchased within one order.

How long does my travel certificate last for?2021-05-04T07:38:44+01:00

Your travel certificate is a signed statement of when you had your RT-PCR test and the result. Its validity does not expire but most airlines and destinations require you to have your test taken within a specific timeframe. Therefore, you should ensure that your test is taken according to the entry requirements of your destination. Visit HERE for more information. 


Can my child have a Covid-19 PCR test?2021-05-04T07:40:21+01:00

Yes. For specific instructions on how to test children, please click HERE

You may also find this VIDEO useful:

Who will see my result?2021-05-04T07:41:03+01:00

Apart from The Montague Clinic and the laboratory, positive results are shared with Public Health England to contribute to national data as well as Test and Trace.

Travelling to Qatar?2021-07-08T12:25:23+01:00

People flying to Qatar must have their fit to fly Covid test to be carried out by The Wellington Hospital or The Cromwell. We are not an authorised testing centre for Qatar.