How it works

Montague GP giving a video consultation

Online GP Consultations

Video & telephone appointments.

The Montague Clinic is currently operating a virtual Private GP service (telephone and video appointments only). Appointments can be booked online in acouple of clicks.

We can manage many issues remotely (including mental health, rashes, general symptoms, medication requests and advice). We can also organise referral letters, blood tests (taken in Wimpole St) and same-day medication delivery.

Things we do and don’t do.

We can see you for almost any problem for which you would normally see your NHS GP.

Things we do

  • Medical advice and second opinions

  • Mental health appointments

  • Referral letters to private specialists

  • Electronic private prescriptions

  • Private sick certificates

  • Simple infections (e.g. urinary tract, ear, skin)

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Arranging blood tests (London only)

Things we don’t do

  • Emergencies (please call 999)

  • Heart examinations

  • Abdominal examinations

  • Gynaecological examination

  • Procedures (stitch removal, dressing change

  • Cervical smear tests

  • Contraceptive coils & implants

Not sure which service you need?

Our support team are available to answer any questions and deal with any problems.

A few of the reasons people come to see our private GPs.

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