Private GP Online

Private GP Online

The Montague Clinic is currently operating a virtual Private GP service (telephone and video appointments only). Appointments can be booked below.

We can manage many issues remotely (including mental health, rashes, general symptoms, medication requests and advice). We can also organise referral letters, blood tests (taken in Wimpole St) and same-day medication delivery. If your medical issue requires a physical examination (ie abdominal pain/neurological symptoms), it may be best to use an alternative GP service that can assess you face to face.

Thank you for your continued support,

Dr Ricky Gondhia and Dr Om Banerjee

Online GP Consultations

Video & phone appointments£60
  • Consultation by phone or secure video link
  • Service available UK wide
  • Referrals for imaging and blood tests in your area
  • Referrals to specialists in your area

  • Prescriptions couriered to you or sent to your local pharmacy

Things we do, and don’t do

We can see you for almost any problem for which you would normally see your NHS GP.

  • Feeling unwell
  • Joint pain & sports injuries
  • Referrals to private specialists
  • Oral contraception
  • Anxiety, stress & depression
  • Assessment for fertility
  • Skin rashes & spots
  • Treating long term conditions
  • Mens & women’s health
  • Second opinions
  • Treat patients under 18

  • Travel vaccinations

  • Immunisations

  • Baby immunisations

  • Ear syringing

  • Minor surgical procedures

  • Joint injections

  • Cervical smear tests

  • Complex wound care

  • Cosmetic procedures (e.g. Botox & fillers)

  • Contraceptive coils & implants

  • Prescribe controlled medication

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Why you should see our private GPs

Here are some of the reasons people come to see us

“I need to see consult an experienced GP today”

Our GPs deal with almost any problem for which you would see your NHS GP. If you’re feeling unwell and want a check to make sure there’s nothing serious then please come to see us. Our doctors will give you a thorough assessment and let you know whether you need any treatment, or whether you’ll get better with some simple self care measures. We offer our patients the most professional and objective advice, based on latest evidence and best practice.

“I’m worried about my symptoms.”

If you are concerned about any symptoms, new or existing, then come and see us. We will either offer you the reassurance you need, or refer you for the most appropriate investigations or specialists urgently. Some of the reasons why people see us include viral symptoms that have persisted longer than expected, lumps & bumps that are either new or getting bigger, unusual bleeding from any part of the body, or unexplained loss of appetite or weight.

“I have an injury and would like to see the best specialist.”

At our state of the art new facility in Basinghall St, we have a full team of physiotherapists, sports physicians and orthopaedic surgeons. We also have an on-site X-ray machine and MRI scanner. If you have an injury or unresolved problem, then please come to see us. We will offer you a thorough assessment, and if appropriate, refer you to the best specialist.

“I’m suffering from stress and anxiety and need help.”

Practicing in the heart of the City of London, we have lots of experience managing patients with stress, anxiety, low mood and depression. Our appointments are never rushed, so if you come and see us we take time to get to the heart of the issue. We can offer you the best advice regarding self-management techniques, and if needed we can also prescribe medication. We also have a strong relationship with a number of expert therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists and would be happy to recommend the best way forward.

“I’d like to have some blood tests or an X-ray/scan.”

We offer the full spectrum of blood tests at The Montague Clinic. You can book an appointment to see our GPs at Basinghall St, who will recommend the right blood tests and draw your blood sample. The interpretation of your results is included in the price of your appointment.

We also have a X-ray machine and MRI scanner on-site, and we can generally arrange these the same day. If you would prefer to have your X-ray or scan at a different location then that’s no problem. Our referral letters are valid at any private imaging provider.

“I need a prescription for medication.”

If you need a prescription for your existing medication, then please book with us. We often provide this service to business travellers and tourists. We can send your prescription to any pharmacy or arrange for it to be delivered to your address (including hotels).

For some medication we will need to see documentation from your normal medical practitioner, to confirm that it is your regular prescription.

If you need a prescription for a controlled drug, please click here to read our CD POLICY.

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