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Covid Test For Travel

COVID-19 RT-PCR Test For Travel with Certificate
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*Please note that The Montague Clinic is not liable for any other associated costs in the event of your results being delayed or invalid.

**You must check the latest guidance regarding your destination country and book your test within the appropriate timeframe. The Montague Clinic will not accept any liability or associated costs if you book your test outside the required timeframe.

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When booking, please enter the following information in the “Reason for visit” box:
1) Travel destination     2) Date and time of travel     3) Passport number (if required by your destination country)

About the Covid test for travel

Our Covid-19 RT-PCR swab test for travel is carried out at our state of the art clinic by our nursing team. The test involves taking a swab sample from the back of the throat and both nostrils. Appointments are 10 minutes long and the test itself takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

Please remember to bring your photo ID with you to your appointment.

The test is fully approved by Public Health England and is analysed by the largest private UKAS accredited laboratory in London.  We guarantee that your results and travel certificate will be emailed to you within 72 hours. Our current turnaround time is 24-48 hours

Positive results will be shared with Public Health England to contribute to national data as well as Test & Trace.

Frequently asked questions

How do I cancel my appointment?2021-01-10T14:43:00+00:00

To cancel your appointment, click on the “Cancel booking” link located within your confirmation email and follow the instructions.

What information will be included on my travel certificate?2020-12-23T17:38:26+00:00

All documents and travel certificates state the following information:

  • Your personal details (name, date of birth, address, email address)
  • Your passport or national ID number (only included if you have sent this information to our team)
  • The logos of both The Montague Clinic and the Cromwell Hospital (formerly known as Bupa Cromwell Hospital)
  • The date and time of your Covid-19 test
  • Contact details of the clinic
  • Confirmation that you had a RT-PCR Covid Test
  • Confirmation that your test was analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory
  • Confirmation that your test was performed by a qualified health professional, under the supervision of one of our doctors
When should I book my test?2021-01-05T12:49:08+00:00

You must check the most up to date guidance regarding the country you are travelling to and book your test within the appropriate timeframe for your destination. The Montague Clinic will not accept any liability or associated costs if you book your test outside the timeframe for your destination.

What do I need to bring with me to my appointment?2020-12-23T17:38:51+00:00

Please bring Photo ID (ideally passport or driving licence) to your appointment. Please also note that we are unable to accept cash payments during the pandemic so please bring your payment card.

Can I use a home testing kit to obtain a travel certificate?2021-01-19T23:14:03+00:00

No. All our travel certificates are verified on the basis of a photo ID check when you have your swab taken at our clinic. 

What information do I need to give you for my travel certificate?2020-12-23T17:39:04+00:00

We will use your name, date of birth and address as it appears in your booking. Please ensure you complete your online booking accurately and feel free to check with our receptionists when you are at the clinic.

How do I book a Covid-19 test for more than one person?2020-12-23T17:39:16+00:00

Please book an individual appointment slot for each person that requires a test. 

How long does my travel certificate last for?2020-12-23T17:39:22+00:00

Your travel certificate is a signed statement of when you had your RT-PCR test and the result. Its validity does not expire but most airlines and destinations require you to have your test taken within a specific timeframe. Therefore, you should ensure that your test is taken within the timeframe you require. For more information, see the travel info tab HERE.

Do I need to pay for my travel certificate?2020-12-23T17:39:27+00:00

If you have your Covid-19 swab at our clinic on Basinghall Street, there is no additional cost for your travel certificate. Assuming your test result is negative, you will receive this with your results.

How do I pay?2020-12-23T17:39:33+00:00

All payments for Covid tests need to be made by credit/debit card when you attend the clinic for your appointment. We are unable to take cash payments during the Covid pandemic. 

Our team may call you ahead of your appointment to complete a Covid-19 risk questionnaire and to take payment details over the phone. Payment is only taken after you have your Covid test. 

How quickly will I get my results?2020-12-23T17:39:50+00:00

We’ll email your Covid-19 swab result and travel certificate within 24-48 hours (no results have taken longer than 48 hours since September 2020).

We can guarantee results will be back within 72 hours.

Can my child have a Covid-19 PCR test?2020-12-23T17:39:56+00:00

If you do not require a travel certificate, home testing kits for 7-18 year olds may be ordered HERE.

If your child requires a Covid-19 swab for travel purposes, we’re afraid we are unable to help with this as these need to be performed in our clinic which is registered for adults only.

What type of Covid-19 test am I getting?2020-12-23T17:40:07+00:00

We use the largest private UKAS registered laboratory in London. Our Covid-19 RT-PCR swab is the correct swab test for all international travel.

If I have a test on an Thursday or Friday, will I get my certificate over the weekend?2020-12-23T17:42:25+00:00

Yes. Our lab processes Covid-19 PCR swab tests 7 days a week and send us results over the weekend. If your test result comes through on Saturday or Sunday with will send it to you, together with our travel certificate, as soon as we receive it.

Advice for specific countries


Updated 13th October 2020

Negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test required on arrival, taken within seven days of flying. Children under 12 are exempt.



Updated 13th October 2020

Arrivals from the UK must have a negative Covid-19 test taken up to 72 hours before arrival. They will then need to take a second test, free of charge, at a government healthcare facility or for a fee at a private facility, four or five days after the first test was taken in the UK.



Updated 13th October 2020

On arrival in Bangladesh, all foreign nationals are required to produce a medical certificate issued within 72 hours of travel indicating the passenger is COVID-19 negative. We suggest you have the test done 3 days before your flight.



Updated 13th October 2020

Need to provide a negative COVID-19 test result on arrival, obtained within 72 hours before travel. Children under 12 years old do not require to be tested in order to travel to Cyprus.



Updated 13th October 2020

UK visitors must have a negative Covid-19 test taken up to seven days before arrival. Relevant documents must be uploaded online as part of pre-travel form and contact tracing app downloaded. Children under 6 are exempt.



Updated 13th October 2020

Travellers normally undergo mandatory quarantine for 14 days i.e. 7 days paid institutional quarantine at their own cost, followed by 7 days isolation at home with self-monitoring of health.

Travellers may seek exemption from institutional quarantine by submitting a negative RT-PCR test report on arrival. This test should have been conducted within 72 hrs prior to undertaking the journey. The test report should be uploaded on the online portal (https://www.newdelhiairport.in/) for consideration. The test report could also be produced upon arrival at the point of entry airport in India.



Updated 13th October 2020

Travellers to Pakistan need to have a negative Covid-19 test taken up to 96 hours before the start of travel.



Updated 13th October 2020

The Bupa Cromwell Hospital is an accredited testing centre for the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar. Our COVID-free travel certificate will exempt the traveller from taking the test at the airport on arrival into Qatar, provided that the date of obtaining the certificate does not exceed 48 hours before travelling.


St Lucia

Updated 13th October 2020

Negative Covid-19 RT-PCR test required on arrival, taken within seven days of flying. Pre-arrival registration form must be completed no later than three days before you land in St Lucia.


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