Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to questions we get asked most often about The Montague Clinic. If you have any further questions about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us on info@montagueclinic.com

Do you prescribe controlled medication?2017-07-31T00:04:25+00:00

We do not prescribe controlled medications such as morphine, tramadol, pethidine, methylphenidate and oxycodone.

What services are you unable to offer?2017-07-26T20:36:27+00:00

Our doctors are currently unable to offer the following services:

  • Immunisations
  • Travel vaccinations
  • Vaginal examination/smear test
  • Smear tests
  • Breast examination
  • Cosmetic procedures (e.g. botox & fillers)
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Joint injections
  • Ear syringing
  • Wound care
  • Baby immunisations
Where can I take my private prescription to get my medication?2017-07-14T23:29:47+00:00

You can take your private prescription to any high street pharmacy.

If I need to be referred to a specialist, can I choose whom I see?2017-07-26T19:24:06+00:00

We offer a choice of provider for onward specialist referral. If you have medical insurance we can refer to any specialist or hospital registered with your insurer.

How will I receive the results of any tests/investigations?2017-07-26T19:26:33+00:00

You can choose how you wish to receive your test results. All communication is confidential. Options include text, email and telephone calls.

Is the price of a prescription or referral letter included in the consultation fee?2017-07-14T23:27:35+00:00

Yes. We do not charge extra for prescriptions and referral letters issued during your consultation. Please note however that the pharmacy will charge you for the cost of your medication.

Are the prices of investigations included in the consultation fee?2019-07-28T19:08:22+00:00

Prices of investigations are not included in our Standard GP Appointment fee. The doctor will be able to counsel you regarding the most appropriate investigation options.

Do you do investigations on site or do I need to attend another centre?2019-02-17T21:34:54+00:00

Where possible, tests will be carried out onsite including bloods tests and swabs. Tests requiring specialist equipment will be performed at an appropriate centre, depending on the test.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for my consultation?2017-07-14T23:25:42+00:00

Unfortunately, at this point in time, we are unable to accept payment from health insurance for GP consultations.

When do I pay for my consultation?2017-11-08T22:47:54+00:00

Payment are usually taken at the end of the consultation. We accept all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard and American Express. We also accept Apple Pay & Android Pay. We also accept cash.

What is the structure ofThe Montague Clinic2017-07-26T19:34:50+00:00

The Montague Clinic is a group of independent medical practitioners, with a mission to provide high quality care in the City.

Will the doctor notify my NHS GP?2019-02-17T21:35:29+00:00

At your request we will be happy to email you your clinical notes for you to share with your NHS GP.

May I cancel my appointment?2017-07-14T23:19:47+00:00

Appointments can be cancelled up to 24 hours before for free. Cancellations within 6 to 24 hours will be refunded 50%. Cancellations within 6 hours are not refundable.

How do I book an appointment?2017-07-14T23:19:19+00:00

Appointments are all bookable online via our website.

Will the doctor be able to deal with multiple problems during my appointment?2017-07-14T23:18:54+00:00

Appointments generally for 1 problem, however this is at the discretion of the doctor, and we are happy to address more concerns if safe and reasonable within the timeframe. Double appointments may be required for multiple problems.

How long are your appointments?2017-07-14T23:18:25+00:00

Our standard appointments are 20 minutes. Appointments for health checks are 40 minutes with 20 minute follow-up.

Can I get a referral for my private health insurance?2017-07-14T23:17:44+00:00

Yes. Our doctors work closely with London’s top specialist and are happy to refer you on you private medical insurance.

Can doctors at the Montague see children?2019-07-28T19:09:56+00:00

Yes, our doctors are happy to see children for non urgent conditions. Please note however that we DO NOT provide any immunisations for children, which we believe are best provided by your NHS GP, in order to ensure good record keeping.

What is the structure of the Montague Clinic?2017-07-14T23:15:31+00:00

The Montague is a group of like minded doctors who share the same ethos of providing accessible first class primary care to professionals in The City of London.

Do I get to choose which doctor I see?2017-07-26T20:11:37+00:00

Yes. You have the option of choosing one of OUR DOCTORS.

What kind of problems can your doctors deal with?2017-07-27T22:18:17+00:00

Doctors at The Montague Clinic are experienced in managing any issue for which you would normally see a GP. Our doctors are also able to take blood tests, complete medical reports, and refer for imaging and specialist care. For a full list of our services, visit SERVICES & PRICES.

What experience do your doctors have?2017-07-26T20:13:59+00:00

Our doctors are all UK trained, have full registration with the General Medical Council and are all fully certified by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Find out more information about our doctors here: OUR DOCTORS.

What should I do when I arrive at the clinic?2017-07-26T20:19:30+00:00

If it is your first appointment with us, then please aim to arrive 15 minutes early to complete a health questionnaire.

Let the receptionist on the ground floor know you are there for an appointment at The Montague Clinic. Take the lift to the Lower Ground Floor and take a seat in the waiting area. Please help yourself to tea and coffee from the kitchen.

What is included in my appointment?2018-05-08T17:00:19+00:00

Each appointment is 20 minutes long. If you have complex or multiple issues, it is advisable to book a double appointment (£100).

The cost of private prescriptions and referral letters are included within the price of your consultation.

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This is without doubt the best service I have every had from any doctor private or NHS. Put simply: they care. I had blood tests done at 4pm and got the results the same evening and the follow ups from the doctor over the next 2 weeks were above and beyond. If only all doctors were like this...
Richard Ascott
10:40 11 Sep 19
This is probably the most professional GP private consultation that I've ever had. Great guidance, advice and useful follow up notes. Keep the bar high!
Jorge García Rodríguez
16:26 07 Aug 19
Highly recommend Montague Clinic. My appointment with Om Banerjee was the best, most relaxed and friendliest doctor appointment I've ever had. Om truly went all out to ensure I got the best solution possible, and a super thorough consultation. Om really listened to me about what I did and didn't want (regarding treatment options). He included me in the decision making process and gave clear and in-depth explanations, which I very much appreciated. The clinic is lovely, modern and clean, and the online booking system is easy and efficient. 10/10 highly recommend!
Sophie Lee
18:38 30 Jul 19
Undoubtedly the most relaxed and friendly doctor visit I’ve ever had, courtesy of Dr Ricky Gondhia. Will definitely be back again for other GP needs. Thanks!
Morgan Pearse
11:53 15 Jul 19
Very comprehensive consultation with Dr. Ricky. Easy to book online. Would use again.
Tom K
10:19 03 Jul 19
I highly recommend Montague Clinic. Excellent service from booking an appointment till receiving my blood test results in less than 24 hours!During the consultation Dr. Ricky patiently answered all my concerns and questions. Thank you Dr. Ricky.
Arezou Philsouph
07:56 26 Jun 19
Great clinic, great service. Staff friendly, professional and pleasant to be around. Highly recommend.
Lawrence Kilian
16:23 17 Jun 19
Excellent. Ricky was extremely thorough, knowledgeable and provided an effective treatment & follow up plan. Highly recommend as good doctors can be hard to find.
Sam Kapp
18:05 14 May 19
About as lovely as any medical appointment can be! Really thorough consultation and v happy with outcome - would recommend
Lucy Cornford
12:41 01 May 19
A fantastic central GP. I booked the same day and received excellent care without feeling rushed. My doctor, Om, was thorough and took the time to explain what was going on with my injury. He also sent me a follow up email which was a nice touch. They are a start up surgery that is offering an excellent standard of service. I don’t think I’ll ever use non-private again.
David Chappell
18:50 29 Apr 19
Great experience. Ricky was incredibly thorough and reassuring. Understood my concerns and put me at ease to deal with it in the way that left me more comfortable. Cannot recommend more!
Nuno Lopes
20:27 08 Apr 19
I highly recommended The Montague Clinic. I booked a same day appointment and was seen by Dr Om Banerjee who was brilliant. Don't hesitate to use this clinic!
Jonathan Lambert
11:30 22 Mar 19
I wish Google offered the option of 10 Stars....I met Dr Om Banerjee today and he was simply amazing, more than just outstanding! Om was a very personable doctor and really made me feel looked after. He explained everything in simple terms, he showed that he really cared for my health symptoms, we have a good chat as we both live in the same part of London and he was really down to earth: being Scottish, this was a major plus for me. I run my own business in the City and, as most city people, we are usually very busy people. The Montague Clinic is a great option for people based in the city who don't have time to get to a NHS walk in service or wait around to be seen. Finding a clinic with such a short notice and such a fantastic, personal service was simply amazing. I was so impressed that I will be sending his contact details to our whole office and would definitely recommend to any friend and family. It couldn't have been a better experience!
Gabriele Giambrone
10:19 21 Mar 19
I've now had 2 separate appointments at the Montague Clinic with Dr. Ricky. I normally try to see my standard NHS GP, but if I'm unable to get an appointment and feel unwell enough, then I book in here. I'm grateful to have this place so near my office. Dr. Ricky is incredibly personable, and is truly caring and thorough. I have left the clinic on both occasions feeling listened to, and cared for. I will continue to use their services, and now that I understand they see children as well, I might also bring my daughter here.
Emily Stewart
12:12 18 Mar 19
Excellent, fast and friendly service. I had my blood taken at noon time and received a full blood profile with detailed comments by email by on next morning. The price was very reasonable and I highly recommend this clinic.
Nikolay Losev
19:34 26 Feb 19
Great service. Very considerate and knowledgeable doctors
Dominic Mitchell
13:08 25 Feb 19
This is a 6 star review! Never before have I given a thought to reviewing a doctor on Google - but Ricky (one of the two doctors at this clinic) truly went all out to ensure that all my concerns were met, and was beyond extremely proficient and professional throughout the consultation. Ricky really cares about his patients - no doubt about that!
Daryl Chia
19:10 04 Feb 19
Friendly & compassionate GPs who take their time with examination, and go above and beyond to come up with diagnosis and treatment options. Would highly recommend, especially to anyone who's at their wits end with with only getting short appointments that lead no-where.
James McVay
20:17 21 Jan 19
I needed an adhoc treatment and was so impressed about the eagerness and responsiveness of Dr Ricky Gondhia - I can highly recommend
Alexander Hasselberg
08:47 18 Dec 18
Perfect and the doctor is so patient and really nice experience, would recommend.
_ Hydr
16:34 06 Dec 18
Easy booking, seen within a couple of hours, great service, would definitely recommend to anyone.
Future Skills
12:06 20 Oct 18
Above and Beyond! Ricky was a true gentleman who gave a real warmth whilst in practice. Highly recommend, safe clean and a real sense of trusty worthy professional experience
14:41 24 Sep 18
Excellent service - Ricky was very comprehensive in his explanation and getting a forward plan to see a consultant. Keep it up!
nevina abhvani
14:34 14 Sep 18
Outstanding service, very personable doctor and really made me feel looked after. Test results came back quickly. Has been responsive and available to my questions afterwards. Will absolutely use again as its convenient, not ridiculously priced and a great service overall. Highly recommend.
Francesca O'donovan
10:00 04 Sep 18
Really easy to book and Dr Banerjee was extremely helpful, friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
Ryan Horne
12:45 21 Aug 18
Doctor Gondhia was very easy to talk to, open, honest and gave a quick diagnosis. He makes you feel at ease and gives a clear plan and opinion regarding treatment. Brilliant. Would highly recommend
Marc van Eekelen
13:13 16 Jul 18
Dr Ricky is one of the best doctors I’ve ever met. I get the sense that he genuinely wants to help his patients get better and take pride in it. He not only helped me solve my immediate problem, but also went a step further to look into the underlying cause. He’s very generous with his time and he has an amazingly warm and positive personality, while being super professional and providing helpful knowledge. The clinic is also very lovely welcoming and conveniently located. Highly recommend!!!
Tsien-Tsien Zhang
09:54 03 Jul 18
Very happy with the service I have received today. Dr Ricky very quickly made me feel comfortable to discuss my issues and I feel confident that I will be feeling a lot better soon following his advice. The office is well equipped and I actually felt comfortable having my bloods taken. I received notes and a picture so easy to follow up with other doctors. The location is very convenient, just 5 minutes from work. I was slightly confused finding the building as there is another Pret straight across Cannon Street tube station so I crossed street in error, but number 60 is marked well and instructions were clear. Thanks.
Marielle de Swart
21:03 11 Jun 18
I had an appointment with Doctor Gondhia and was very pleased. He was very attentive and nice. Also, he did not try to sell any services, on the contrary, I wanted to do more tests that he deemed unnecessary given my general health, nor did not try to suggest costly courses of treatment, which I greatly appreciated.
Mélissa Erdogdu
14:24 11 May 18
Very happy with the service and treatment provided by Dr Gondhia. I received a thorough examination and a clear, well explained diagnosis. A follow up call a few days later was very welcome. All in all an excellent experience, and while I hope not to need it often I would definitely use the clinic again.
Rhys P
06:32 03 May 18
This was my first time visiting a private GP and I am so glad I did! I booked an appointment for the same day through doctify. Doctor Banerjee was extremely thorough and took the time to explain exactly what the rationale behind the diagnosis was. He was also very approachable and kind- highly recommend!
Saya B
14:45 26 Apr 18
Dr Rikki Gondhia was fantastic. The consultation was not rushed and he made me feel comfortable the minute I walked into the office. He explained everything to me in a way I could understand and was friendly and professional. I would totally recommend the Montague Clinic
Peter Roberts
11:57 12 Apr 18
I have visited Montague Clinic two times in the last two weeks and I had a great experience there. Both times were with Dr Ricky Gondhia and he is an awesome doctor. He is very helpful, gives useful advices and does anything he can in order to help. I would definitely visit this place again if I have to and can totally recommend it to anyone looking for private GP services.
Teymur Babayev
00:04 04 Apr 18
The doctor is extremely kind, patient, and runs a comprehensive check up before giving his diagnosis. I feel at ease under his care and medical guidance. The clinic is easy to find in the heart of the city. Highly recommended
Sherri Chang
21:13 20 Mar 18
I would highly recommend the Montague clinic based on my experience. In the midst of the flu epidemic I needed to see a GP about a problem with my knee. My own GP surgery was extremely busy, so I searched online and discovered The Montague Clinic was close to my workplace near Cannon Street. I saw Dr Ricky who was very easy to talk to and I had confidence in his understanding of my problem and his approach to investigating my symptoms. He performed an examination, explaining to me what he was looking for with each aspect of the exam. It was extremely convenient for me as I didn't need to take time off work, and the cost was in my view extremely reasonable. I would not hesitate to use The Montague Clinic again. Convenience and cost are big factors but more importantly it felt like I was receiving attention and care appropriate to my needs - it felt like a personal approach was being provided - very patient-centred - which does feel quite reassuring. I really appreciated the care and professional service being provided, especially at such a reasonable cost.
21:41 06 Mar 18
Dr. R Gondhia is the best GP I have dealt with. He is extremely considerate, attentive, understanding, accommodating, and personable. I would highly recommend the clinic to anyone wishing to see a private GP in the City.
luke tran
15:26 22 Feb 18
What every GP clinic should be like! A smart, convenient surgery where the doctor took time to listen and patiently explained his diagnosis and recommended treatment. OK, I suppose you can say you get what you pay for but £40 to avoid the need to take time off and receive a 5* health service is worth every penny.
Duncan Fosbraey
16:23 19 Feb 18
Excellent experience at the Montague Clinic. Convenient location, easy to book and appointment started earlyDr Gondhia was reassuring, took his time to discuss the issue and called to walk through the results ahead of schedule.Would highly recommend
Elliot Thomas
17:26 03 Jan 18
I am writing a review on behalf of my grandmother, Patricia Atkinson. “Five stars for this excellent new practice on Cannon Street. Wonderful and efficient service for an emergency appointment. Grateful thanks to Mr. Bannerjee for the appointment and follow up. Can’t recommend them highly enough!”
Bethany Harris
13:52 25 Dec 17
DR RICKY GONDHIA offered professional, efficient services at a very reasonable price. I was able to walk right in and receive an appointment. The space was clean. Overall, excellent experience.
Morgan Schmit
13:59 18 Dec 17
10/10 will definitely use again - booked an appointment for the following day. Great central location easy to get to over lunch. Was seen exactly on time. Very thorough appointment Dr Ricky was fantastic, really friendly. If you're looking for a top-quality private GP in the city for a very reasonable price, highly recommend Dr Ricky and The Montague Clinic.
Darren H
19:59 06 Dec 17
Exceptional! I have just been at Montague Clinic for the first time. Dr. Ricky was the best GP I met so far in the UK. He was very patient to listen to me and come up with a proper diagnosis. As others put it, it is a very 'human' approach. I also liked very much how he explained everything he did as well as the thought process behind the diagnosis which was very reassuring and gave me a lot of confidence.
23:42 08 Nov 17
After a few failed attempts to get a proper diagnosis for my digestive issues from my personal GP I turned to Dr Ricky for a consultation and I was not disappointed. He took time to listen to my issues and gave me great advice on what next steps to take for my diagnosis. I felt incredibly comfortable to talk openly; his method of consultation involves both a physical and psychological standpoint which was a refreshing change for me. The location of the clinic was also very convenient to pop into after a working day. I would highly recommend the Montague Clinic for their great service and 'human' approach.
Andriana Laskari
10:38 08 Nov 17