Express Medication Refills

Fast Medication Refill Service (£35).

Travelling in the UK and running out of your usual medication? Our express medication refill service can provide you with a same day electronic prescription. You can either have your medication delivered or collect it the same day from any pharmacy.

Express Medication Refills
Express Medication Refills2022-09-20T16:08:52+01:00

How it works

*This service is for a doctor’s prescription only, the cost of the medication will be charged for separately by your pharmacist.

Why use our service?

Express Same Day Service

Select your appointment time and one of our doctors will call you to discuss your requirements and issue your prescription if appropriate.

Guaranteed Service

If we are unable to issue your medication, you’ll get a full refund.

What we can and can’t prescribe


What information will I need to provide to use this service?2022-09-06T20:23:39+01:00

We request that you provide a form of evidence that you normally take the medication. A copy of a prescription or photos of medication boxes with your name on would be ideal. We also request for some form of ID. If you are unable to provide this then our doctors can use their discretion to provide you a prescription.

Can I request any medication?2022-09-06T20:17:51+01:00

This service should only be used for an emergency refill of your regular medication. Please note that our clinic does not prescribe Controlled Drugs.

How many times can I use the Express Medication Refill service?2022-09-06T20:16:47+01:00

For this service we can only prescribe up to a 28 days of your regular medication (quantities are at the discretion of the doctor). This service is for one-time use only. For longer supplies of medication, you may require additional checks, so please book a standard GP Appointment.

Can I use this service from outside the UK?2022-09-06T19:19:19+01:00

Unfortunately not. This service is only available if you are in the United Kingdom.

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