How To Get a Certificate of Recovery from Covid

Countries worldwide are finally opening up for international travel, and dare we say it, this time it feels like it’s for good. We see the expected variation in the degree of caution with which governments have implemented this shift. Many countries, the UK included, now require no pre-arrival testing for those fully vaccinated. However some countries still require a Covid test before you board your flight, thereby raising a key issue: ”What if I’ve recently recovered from Covid?” PCR and lateral flow tests can remain positive for months following infection, as genetic fragments of dead virus linger around in our nostrils. Thankfully, most countries have legislated for this prospect by now accepting a Covid-19 recovery certificate.

What is a Covid Recovery Certificate for Travel?

In January 2022, The Montague Clinic, London, UK, launched its Proof of Recovery from Covid Certificate. When designing this service, we carefully studied the rules of national governments to ensure that our document conforms. The purpose of the certificate is simple. Following a Covid-19 infection, all types of Covid-19 tests can remain positive for up to 3 months. Carrying a certificate of recovery therefore offers passengers the benefits of travelling to international destinations without having to take the otherwise obligatory pre-departure PCR test, which in such circumstances may throw up a false positive result.

Many countries and regions have detailed specific requirements for this document, such as the USA, Australia, the EU, Thailand, Singapore & Brazil. Firstly, a Covid-19 Recovery Certificate must contain information about your positive Covid test. This must be either a PCR or lateral flow depending on the rules of your destination country. Secondly the test needs to have been taken within a specific time frame, for most countries, this is between 7 to 14 days. Most countries also require the signing doctor to include clinical information about your symptoms and when they resolved.

How To Apply

At The Montague Clinic, if you have the formal report of an accepted Covid-19 test then you may apply for a Certificate of Recovery. The application process involves a medical assessment on our website. This included questions about your Covid-19 infection (e.g. symptoms you had, how severe they were etc.), and details about your positive Covid test. We also require a copy of your ID and your positive Covid test report. Once you’ve applied, our medical team will review your details, and authorise the Proof of Recovery document if appropriate. The document must be signed by a fully licensed medical practitioner, but don’t worry, all of our doctors are fully licensed GPs, and fully registered with the GMC.

Turnaround Time

Our official turnaround time is 24 hours, but we normally do it much faster … usually in about 2 hours. The digital certificate is emailed to you as a PDF, and we do recommend that you carry it together with a copy of your Covid-19 test report.

Final Tips

It is crucial that you review the most recent guidelines of your destination country prior to applying, since they change regularly. The Montague Clinic Support Team works very hard to keep on top of this, but it can be challenging. If you spot any special requirements of your destination country that we have not covered, then please get in touch with us – our super helpful and flexible clinical team will try their hardest to accommodate your requirements.

Have Any Questions?

If you have any questions about our Covid Recovery Certificate UK service then please get in touch. We’re available 7 days a week.