Corporate Coronavirus Testing

As companies consider re-opening their workplaces, it will be of paramount importance to safeguard employees from exposure to coronavirus, and to monitor their immune responses. Our doctors keep abreast of the latest research, and have developed a return to work testing and ongoing monitoring strategy to keep your employees safe.

Our packages comprise of the following:

COVID19 Antigen Swab Testing

This is a test for ‘active’ coronavirus and is performed via a nasal and throat (PCR) swab. We recommend that this test is carried out prior to returning to work, to minimise the risk of COVID19 being brought into the workplace. We can arrange for home testing kits to be sent directly to your employees, prior to their return to work. Results are sent back to the employee and employer, assuming consent. If employees develop coronavirus symptoms in future, we can quickly assess and test them for COVID19 (additional charge applies).

COVID19 Antibody Testing

We use a Public Health England approved laboratory test (Abbott) to determine whether your employees have antibodies to COVID19. The venous blood test is performed on site at your workplace, minimising disruption to your company’s operations. All results are sent directly to employees, and to your dashboard, assuming the employees consent. Our doctors will be available for any follow up advice. A positive result gives evidence that the employee has been exposed to COVID19 in the past and has developed an immune response, however it has yet to be established whether the presence of antibodies confers long term immunity. Therefore we recommend the test is performed 3 monthly.

Employer’s dashboard

We will provide your company with a secure dashboard, showing how many cases of COVID19 there are in your company, and how many of your employees have antibodies. The dashboard can also help to monitor any employees who belong to especially vulnerable groups (e.g . those with underlying health conditions), provided we have your employee’s consent to share this information.

Discounted GP Appointments at The Montague Clinic

The Montague Clinic offers same day Private GP appointments in the City of London. Some of our packages include a £10 discount from our standard appointment price for your employees.

Basic Annual Healthscreen

This add-on feature entitles your employees to an annual basic healthscreen in the workplace. This includes a urine test, blood test (cholesterol and diabetes), a blood pressure check and a cardiovascular risk score.

Our Corporate Packages

Here are the corporate coronavirus testing packages we offer at The Montague Clinic. We are continuously learning more about coronavirus and the relevance of different COVID19 tests. Should the evidence change over time, we will update your package accordingly according to best practice.

LEVEL 5 is our recommended package.

Return to work Antibody test for ALL employees
Return to work PCR test for ALL employees
4 further sequential Antibody tests for ALL employees
4 further sequential PCR tests for ALL employees
Employer’s Dashboard
Discounted PCR testing for employees who exhibit symptoms
Discounted routine GP appointments
Antibody test price per employee
PCR test price per employee







Basic annual health screen (optional)

We have a range of options to suit all budgets, but our clinical recommendation is Level 5, which includes:

  • A home COVID19 nasal/throat swab test prior to returning to work. This minimises the risk of bringing COVID19 into the workplace.
  • A COVID19 Antibody blood test on return to work. This gives us an idea of how many of your staff may have already been exposed to COVID19 in the past and have developed an immune response.
  • FOUR further sequential antibody tests over one year. Even if an employee has COVID19 antibodies, we do not know enough about coronavirus to know whether they fade over time. Three monthly testing is important to monitor the immune response levels of your employees and we can benchmark them against our London-wide data.
  • We are continuously learning more about coronavirus, and the relevance and appropriateness of different tests. Should the landscape change over time.

We are able to offer a discount for larger sized companies. Please see the table below for details.

Company Size Discount Applied
1-30 0%
31-100 10%
Over 100 20%