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The Montague Clinic.

We provide a range of Covid testing and private GP services to suit any of your health requirements.

Private GP Clinic

We provide a range of Private GP services to suit any of your health requirements.

  • Video & phone appointments

  • Referrals to private specialists

  • Sexual health testing

  • Referral for X-rays & MRI scans

  • Medical reports

Covid-19 Testing Centre

The Montague Clinic is a UK Government listed provider of all type of Covid-19 tests.

  • Day 2 PCR Test

  • ‘Fit to Fly’ Lateral Flow

  • ‘Fit to Fly’ PCR Test

  • London Express PCR Test

  • Proof of Covid Recovery Certificate

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Doctor and patient

Dedicated to providing the highest quality medical care.

The Montague Clinic is founded by Dr Om and Dr Ricky, independent medical practitioners who also regularly work in the NHS.

Our Covid Recovery Certificate (£35).

Our Covid Recovery Certificate enables international travel after you have recovered from Covid infection. The Montague Clinic’s certificate is designed to meet the standards of the all countries & regions that accept a letter or document of recovery from Covid-19, including the USA, Australia, the EU,Thailand, Singapore and many others.

The online application takes only a few minutes and our turnaround time is approximately 2 hours.

Covid Recovery Certificate
London Express PCR Test

Our Super Fast Express PCR testing service in London.

A last minute Express PCR test available in London, 7 days a week, with a guaranteed same day result.

This test can be used for:

  • International Travel

The Montague Clinic, a Private GP service for London, and the whole UK.

The Montague Clinic is a private GP clinic based in the City of London. Since we started our clinic, we have been offering same day doctor appointments to busy professionals in the City. Our number one goal has always been to provide excellent quality. All of our consultations are provided by private doctors with years of experience both in the NHS and the private sector.

Although we started as a face-to-face clinic in London, our private GP services are now available throughout the United Kingdom via our secure video consultations. Thanks to our links with all major private healthcare providers in the UK, we can assess your problem wherever you are, and refer onwards to local private medical centres if required. Patients typically come to see us for diagnosis and treatment or a new or existing medical problem, for a second opinion, for investigations (such as blood tests, scans or X-rays) and for referrals to private specialist.


The Montague Clinic is also a UK Government approved provider for all types of Covid-19 testing. Throughout the global pandemic, our clinic has been offering a UK-wide service for Covid-19 PCR and lateral flow testing, with options for fast results in London.

Discover our blog to read about the latest updates on healthcare and the Covid-19 pandemic.

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